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Christoph Peterson
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Christoph Peterson These 4 tracks have made me feel a way that I haven't felt about music since I was a teen (I'm 32). It's the perfect balance of raw and polished, melodic and technical. I'll stop now before I start gushing uncontrollably <3
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Released on cassette through Wolf Town DIY, November 2013


released November 29, 2013

Mix/Master - Joe Caithness
Artwork - Sam Morley
Release - Wolf Town DIY



all rights reserved


Bluebird Nottingham, UK

emo, cheetos and pear juice yo


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Track Name: Do Nothing
don't say those things to me again / in time you'll see that I'm not worth it / batter up, you are the way out when nothing else is / what are you waiting for? you are your own way out / say what, say something. fade away, do nothing. take time and be different, smoke weed and do nothing / fall in love and then break up, let go, be happy. smoke weed and do nothing, write songs, be interesting
Track Name: 47516
hold back, hopeless hope. nothing I do is of consequence / think I'll take the long walk home, drag my feet, turn off my phone. i could really use the time on my own / to practice everything i wanna say, to rehearse the words that I'd prefer just to sing / if I can find the right words in the right key with the right chords, maybe this'll all work out / hold back, hopeless hope. i lost myself chasing the end of your rope / and so I hold a place for you, until I don't remember you / fondly or not, I'll wait for you to rot / it's time that I gave someone a chance, but everyone's the same
Track Name: Joseph Candeloro
everyone's boring, they're so unambitious / and I don't know where I'm going with this / hairline fracture, delayed reaction / everyone's boring, people are lazy. we're tired and jaded, we're fucked up and we're wasted / so light another cigarette and calm yourself down. got through another twenty-deck and got no way home from town / but I still go back every week, to give them my money / and all of my clothes and all of my friends are covered in jager. i'm spinning out
Track Name: Giraffidae
i would put to you that everything you do is so hard to prove / everything's so difficult with me and you today, i just wanna make it all better / nothing ever changes, just the people and the places, it's all the same today / you're as cold as the weather, (baby you're clever) i'm just making you feel better / i wanna know your secrets, tell me everything and anything i wanna hear / everything's so difficult and typical, but that's the thing, it always is / i wanna dig your deep roots, unearth you, just tell me what I wanna hear / you wanna' know my secret? can you keep it? just tell me everything I wanna hear